Herbalife: The Best Adventure

The Herbalife Company is a networking marketing business which specialises in recruitment, ordering and selling the Herbalife Nutritional supplements and products in overall.

If one says “Yes” to Herbalife and become a distributor, he/she decreases unemployment rate in South Africa or whichever nation one lives in. One is also a long-life Businessman/woman whom is self-employed and will assist his/her family to become a family which can afford everything they want, even the vacations themselves.

The above posted pictures has the joining package which consists of Herbalife labelled Bag, the Herbalife brochures, Herbalife Shake, Protein Drink Mix, Multi Fibre Drink, Herbalife Tea and Aloe concentrate. Which in overall, it is the Big 5 VIP Herbalife Breakfast.

The joining package varies according to prices from the standard R550 until R1500 and something depending on the products chosen to come with the joining package. Therefore, in order to join one has to submit his/her ID copy and R550 to one’s Coach or Distributor for full application before receiving the first joining package.

With the above picture due to having various Herbalife distributors competing against each other for me join under them; one of the Distributors offered me the Herbalife Trial Package to learn how to use the products in Samples before I can fully join into the Herbalife Distributor also. The Package was delivered at my doorstep quickly after two to three days of the receipt order online.

To break the ice, happy was my third name immediately when I heard the delivery man addressing me that they are almost at my gate and they require a clear direction to arrive at my within the within time.

Above is the Trial Package I have received from the box. To speak the truth, the trial assured me deep inside that I am quarter to becoming the Herbalife Distributor. I am one minute away to working hard and going on adventurous vacations which I have desired long time ago. Those vacations will never be my pleasurable desire, but I will fully experience them until it is my daily life as long as I am a professional Herbalife Businesswoman. The Distributor and Coach.

It is more healthier to use fruits and vegetables to mix with the Breakfast Shake. And eventually, it has never been easy to cut and mix them with the milk and the Shake. Hence, that is why Herbalife decided to give away the Blenders for healthy nutrinational Shake in every morning.

The Blenders can be received by the first time Herbalife Distributor whom has just achieved 500PPV ×3 times for the very first time. And this competition has already started running from January 2020 and will end in September 2020. Most of the Blender winners are the non-susupervised competitors whom ensure they work individually and wholeheartedly.

Henceforward, it is very interesting and valuable to not only take the picture at first before entering into the 21 Days Losing-Weight challenge. However, to also valuable to take videos from the begin of the 21 Days Challenge, within and even at the end to view the changes very well.

And of how much of the calories has been lost on the scale, the lost belly fat and even the skin itself, for the food one eats or drinks affects the whole body-improvement. Actually, the more healthier the body becomes, the mere healthier the skin becomes also. It shows more life than usual.

There is no best advertisement industries than the social media platforms. As a business person in Herbalife, it is always best to advertise through the Word-of-mouth, Instagram posts, WhatsApp messenger and statuses, Facebook posts and even the status area also, Twitter and even the other platforms for advertising presentations in Zoom, Tiktok and YouTube.

Better to take it until one becomes it until one becomes very successful. For you will learn nothing if you keep holding yourself back from business opportunities and even advertising your brand.

If you cannot present the products online or explain the entire Herbalife business for the recruitment purposes, you will never be well-known. However, it is better to stand up and do something than to sit around, chill and expect the Herbalife customers to approach you without advertisements. Better to reach out to the Vicks Rub while feeling sore on your back, than to ly down with a whisper in your ear that everything will be fine.

Furtherly, the last above picture has the 2020 Price list for package combos. The prices varies from what one would like to purchase according to their expectations of the products. Because there are weight-loss combos and the weight-gain ones. And actually, the mosordered combos are for weight-gain.

To let the curious cat out of the bag, I am also currently one of the Herbalife Distributors. I have joined Yesterday and my joining package is on its way, after the long recruitment and balance of the budget in order to join.

Lastly, I would like to encourage the unemployed folks to take a leap of faith and jump into the Herbalife business. For more businesses during this Pandemic of COVID-19, are firing a certain percentage of employees which end up unemployed. And even in the face-to-face workplaces, more employees are forbidden to work together. Therefore it currently way better to work from home, and Herbalife can help you earn from home through advertisements on all social platforms..

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By Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele

Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele is a Professional Founder of the Sole Proprietorship Business which has various departments such as Blogging Site-B'tter Life In Overall™️, teach kids the love of reading and writing English, Tutor Kids(Grade R-12), Motivational Speaker, Personal Wellness Trainer/Coach/Physical Education, Paraphrasing and Editing Essays & Letters and Assist with Assignments/Assessments/Projects---------------¦
NB: True Secret Of Happiness Lies In Taking A Genuine Interest In All The Details Of Daily Life. For
To be Without Some Of The Things You Want Is An Indispensable Part Of Happiness .
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