No Master Of English: Are You Ready For Your First Or Next Job Interview?

The above-mentioned Posters have explained a bit about interviews. To break the ice, there is no nerve-racking position for anyone than the job interview call or face-to-face interviews.

Talking about the interviews, I have previously received unprepared Telephone Interviews twice. Actually, the call were never expected, but only the emails and SMSes.

Hence, the questions were quite easy, but the responds of them were not easier. They required the better brief and clear explanations, even with the better fluent English.

Most people may view unexpected call interviews as easier way of requiring job-positions needed. However, it is even better to request to shift the call interview to the next few hours in order to search more information about the Company. Even to check some more possible questions to be asked like “Why do you think that you suited for this Company?”.

The worst thing to do during the call interview is to quickly want to be interviewed with more lack of knowledge of the Company like I mistakenly committed previously. To break the ice, after the second call interview, I was scared that I did not answer the questions well. And I quickly Googled more information about Call interviews.

To my surprise, as I scanned certain PDFs I came across the mistake I committed of answering the interview questions promptly instead of postponing to later hours of the day. The interviewee should ensure they practiced the pitch of their voice and even the questions which are highly polished-and possibly to be used.

Henceforward, the Telephone interviews are way better than the face-to-face interviews. For the Telephone interviews need good voice postures, and the face-to-face interviews require good voice posture with the good body language Posture for the interview to be successful.

There are pros and cons of varying interviews, and it is very best to be knowledgeable about what to do while you arrive at your interview Companywide from the Administration.

In conclusion, be forever wise while going for any interview in any company. Research about the job and the recruiting company beforehand, and have the notes with you while going for it. However, never use them during the interview in order to show interest and validation for the passion of the Position applied for. And never forget to dress formally.

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By Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele

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