How To Be Pro In Studying For Hours To Cross-Nighting Smartly

To break the wisdom ice, it is of value to study with purpose motivated. For, no study Session can occur without motivation. Hence, it will be like pour water on the Stone, instead of on the rich Soil with a seed. Or either, herding a Goat, then showing it the Well of Water-Bank, but not interested in drinking water though thirsty.

Nevertheless, become like a Sheep and humbly obey all the Motivated Study Sessions. For, you can study hard without progress, instead of smartly grasping the Content.

First foremost, avoid disappointmenting yourself in Grades by attending to distractions. Hence, excuse yourself from distractions at all cost.

Fortunately, by doing so, ensure you switch off all the Gadgets’ notifications from Social Medias to pure SMS notifications. Actually, any serious updates can be attended via Calls.

Moreover, instead of studying plainly like a headless chicken which does not know the beginning nor the end, set Timer. Eventually, set Timer five Minutes before the Study Session to ensure you don’t study for 10 Minutes instead of an Hour. Fairly, complete all Tasks in time from Short-Casual Tasks to Long-Formal Tasks.

Furthermore, likewise to the Smarter folks, avoid multitasking at all cost, as it will earn yours Tasks lows Grades, instead of +A Grades. Specifically, focus on one Task at a time, without parted knowledge and wisdom Techniques.

Notably, list your Subjects or either Modules from difficult to easier ones. Afterwards, then start studying Subjects/Modules you find difficult first, while the brain is still fresh to grasp complicated Content. For, it gets better with practice at fresh state, instead of whilst the brain is fatigued.

Notably, Act like Ants which gathers food in all Seasons without rest, then endlessly hunger no more. And don’t forget to pray to remain forever motivated within your Motivated Study Sessions from Term-Course to Term-Course until PhD.

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By Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele

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