Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry,

I Cry To The State,

Where One Can See Me,

Where I Push Beloved Away,

Where I Regret Miles Away,

I Cry To The State,

Where I No Longer See,

I Am Not Able To See,

What Is Going On In My Life;

I Cry To Where,

To Where I Talk To Myself,

To Myself To Hold On In Life;

TO the State Where,

I Encourage Myself,

To Stand Up,

To No Longer Cry

When Problems Approach;

To Wipe Away Tears,

And Walk Tall,

Show Smile Everywhere I Go;

Sometimes It Helps To Cry,

To Cry To Oneself,

To Take Away All Burdens,

Forgiveness Is An Option,

After Tears,

Forgetting Is Always An Option!

Sometimes I Cry,

Reminding Myself About Obstacles To Come;

It Is Never Too Late,

To Be Oneself,

Sometimes I Cry!

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By Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele

Rethabile-Marah Prudence Mphahlele is a Professional Founder of the Sole Proprietorship Business which has various departments such as Blogging Site-B'tter Life In Overall™️, teach kids the love of reading and writing English, Tutor Kids(Grade R-12), Motivational Speaker, Personal Wellness Trainer/Coach/Physical Education, Paraphrasing and Editing Essays & Letters and Assist with Assignments/Assessments/Projects---------------¦
NB: True Secret Of Happiness Lies In Taking A Genuine Interest In All The Details Of Daily Life. For
To be Without Some Of The Things You Want Is An Indispensable Part Of Happiness .
Problem + Right Message = Solved Problem❤️

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