Endless Autumn

Always Have To Water The Plant

Lady Is A Plant And

Guy Is The Water 

The More The Guy Shows Acts Of Love(Water)

The More The Love Grows(Plant) 

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Enrich Your Fare With New Travelings

Some Public Transports Are Annoying,
You Onbording Taxis,
They Complain About You Onbording Them,
You Stop Onbording Taxis,
They Complain About You No Longer Onbording Them,
They Chase You,
They Bring You Back Within,
They Even Intend To Lift You Up Into It,
You Onbord,
Request Your Destination,
Then Disagree With Destination,
Then Complain About How Short The Path Is,
Then Complain About How Long The Path Is,
Drive You To Their Location,
Smile At You,
Call Your Their Own Fav Name,
Then Request You
To Welcome Yourself Into Their Destination!!
Off You Go,
With Forced Smile Of Complaints!!

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24/7 Powerful Weapon Fifth Edition ~IGNORANT PRAYERS

Prayer does not need help of emotions.

Pastor John Anosike

1 Corinthians 2:12
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God. (KJV)

To pour myself holishly, Prayer is a very important spiritual exercise in the life of the believer. In prayer, we exercise our authority in Christ. In prayer, we develop boldness to do the work of Ministry. In prayer, we receive instructions and directions about life and Ministry. When we pray, we are fellowshipping with one another in the spirit.

Moreover, there are dimensions of influence that you cannot have in the work of Ministry, if you are not given to consistent and heartfelt prayer life. Actually, Jesus had moments of Prayer and the Apostles also had times of prayer. Eventually, the fervency to work the works of the spirit and the endurance to face persecution is achieved by Prayer.

Principally, this is because in Prayer we are strengthened by the spirit in our inner man. We are to Pray as much as we study God’s word. We are to Pray more in tongues for much edification and strengthening in the Spirit.

Furthermore, as much as Prayer is important, ignorance of God’s word can make you Pray the wrong prayers. Fairly, it is wrong to pray for God to give you power because all the power a believer will need for everything has already been given at the time of Salvation. In Prayer, we make use of the power already in us.

Exclusively, from our opening text, there are things already given to us freely in Christ. Hopefully, these things are already for us and in us. Actually, I they are received in full at the time of Salvation. Therefore, not a Prayer Topic. Mainly, Pray to God to make you righteous, for God to forgive your sins, for God to give you his Spirit, for God’s presence, for God to love you- are all ignorant Prayers. Hence, Praying to God not to miss rapture or heaven or for your name to be written in the book of life are all ignorant prayers.

Valuably, these are all available for us in Christ. We can never pray to be forgiven or righteous than the day we received Christ. Apostle Paul prayed for the Ephesians Church in Ephesians 1:18 that “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what the hope of his calling is, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints”. What we are to Pray for, is that the eyes of our understanding be enlightened that we may KNOW what we already have in Christ.

Notably, the problem is not about God, but in our ignorance. Happily, we are to know our inheritance in Christ to enjoy them. We are not to pray to God to give them to us. For, God has already given them to us; we are to know by Revelation knowledge to enjoy them. We study and pray to know what God has already given to us in Christ Jesus.

Above all else, I refuse to Pray Ignorant Prayers. I don’t Pray to have what I have already in Christ.

Holy Bible Reading:

Ephesians 1:3-21,
Philemon 1:6,
Colossians 1:12-14

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Success Demands For Sacrifices

Success demands for sacrifices, sacrifice of sleep, sacrifice of entertainment, sacrifice of comfort zone.

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Top 10 Books About Sex

Online and in book stores, there’s no shortage of books about sex. We’re fascinated by it and we all know it sells – and if Fifty Shades of Grey taught us anything it’s that sex doesn’t need to be written well to fly off the shelves. The problem is, though, that good books about sex […]

Top 10 Books About Sex

Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress

When you are in the state of healing, allow yourself to release the pain the way your body and hearts wants to anywhere at anypace.

Actually, even if it means blocking that certain individual for a week, then unblock without any contact do so. Even if it means, Daily blocking him for certain hours do so. Even if it means you start to act like Mr Bean, be it. Being weird it is the part of healing and returning to your old state of mind and heart.

Subsequently, accept yourself to heal in your own way. Allow yourself to ooze pain differently. Thus, as long as acting weirdestly will not mean reprimanding yourself, during the course of your journey to releasing whatever dirt which still keeps you.

Moreover, due to your heart being broken like a mirror on the floor into pieces which cannot be repaired, then like a doormat stepped on until it is torn and too dusty, then at the end thrown into fire to ashes. Eventually, your heart has to go through all those things for it to feel no pain even if it comes across the same partner whom hurt it.

Exclusively, your heart was clothed with tight cloth of love and light, and since it is elastic one. Hence, it will take time to undress it, as it became to tight and not fitting anymore due to its small-sized on you.

No matter, how long it takes you to undress that cloth on your heart, offered by wrong-abusive partner, do so.

Notably, even if it means it acquires you to be undressed by someone inquire about it. The sooner the freedom, the better the glow.

You deserve better!!

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Dalai Lama Means “Ocean Of Wisdom”

First foremost, I find writing therapeutic. Hence, as soon as I get emotional, I pour myself on paper like an Ocean would to the sand. As tears are dropping, more accurate acceptance reach to me like a treasure hunter in the green pasture bush seeking treasure, then without my knowledge I am already healed with solutions of what to do next.

Fortunately, I waste no time in overwhelming myself about certain things which emotionally drains me. Eventually, the moment I begin overthinking, I just walk towards my Authority Laboratory, then as Pen being my Therapist directing me on what to do to feel at ease; I continuously move my hand, until successfully fine like a creatively curved diamond, polished, then put on a jewelry.

Fairly, I am very confident without any tag of Introvert in me. My melancholic habits gets depressed by extrovertial adventurous Author in me. Eventually, suppressed to the state, the other temperaments refused to be imprisoned by melancholy, then escape to regroup, then enable unceasing success to ooze within my life. Hence, touch all those surrounding me to become successful.

Subsequently, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Sanguine are best friends forever Personalities which always ensure they allow melancholy to let them rest a bit sometimes. Hence, they fight a battle of success together with melancholy forever-permanently serious habits which are on goals.

As a result, mostly as my Choleric and melancholic personality habits stick together for my goals to be reached, critically checking all angles of livelihood, then angrily plan for future. Yet, sometimes become fun-loving Sanguine and peaceful Phlegmatic folk.

Notably, at times I untouchably live in my faithful dreamland. For, I can see everything occurring in my life before anyone could see it. Whoops!!! It’s between God and I. Daughter in the Kingdom.

Above all else, Love yourself in all ways to the state you cannot settle for less than what you deserve!!

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Your relationship is okay too much expectations is killing it

When you encounter someone new and you instantly like them, our minds will automatically think of how it would feel like to be in a relationship with them. we already have a predetermined visualization of how we expect them to behave and treat us. But have you ever taken a moment and thought of how […]

Your relationship is okay too much expectations is killing it

Love Is Our True Destiny

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the true meaning of life by our selves alone-we find it with another.

Nevertheless, for lovers to be celebrated in a day, they have to be happy and deeply in love. Eventually, a day will be chosen for them to celebrate their love even better. Hence, Love can be celebrated daily with the special act of kindness, persistence, patience, caresses, care and so forth.

Henceforward, to spill the beans, little acts of kindness irrigate love. Hopefully, Love can be shown without exposure infront of multitude. Actually, it can be shown privately until it skips a coverage, then reveal itself towards the world.

Moreover, with various cravings in our lives, lately cravings have extended to spending more time with your partner. Unpredictably, with some innocent acts of love, your partner’s mood can transform from, We will be together in weekend!” to “I am fetching you right now! Please get ready there.

Exclusively, he can unimaginably crave you to the state whereby ladies coming across becomes invisible. Hence, visible towards the world. Fairly, charmed by only your voice in the midst of presentable cute voices worldwide.

Inexpensively, use texts to ooze your love towards him. Mainly, instead of spending so much to awaken the cravings of you in his life, use whatsapp texts or SMSes. Actually, Flirt with him, but limit the dirt.

Besides, guys likes it very much while their ladies flirts with them. Actually, they prefer it more than you can imagine. Hence, do not commit to flirtations too soon in relationship. As he might take you as sexting conquest whom isn’t serious about life. Fairly, be naughty after +6 months of being together.

Likewise to Tennis Sport, never text him first as a lady. Hence, hit the ball with racquet, then focus on your business until he texts back. Hence, hit it once. For, if you hit twice, first hit it’s the ball. However, second hit, it is the air, but ball have already went to the opponent.

Eventually, what I mean is, send only one text at a time with every detail you want to inform him about, then wait for reply. Other than sending incomplete typed text, then continue to others which follow each other.

Unfortunately, you have to create a space whereby he have to miss you first before any contact with you. Actually, do not bombard him with unnecessary texts daily. Unfairly, he will feel as though you are desperate or maybe you love him too much. And guys are mostly afraid of a ladies whom loves them more than the way they love them. Which, will chase them away as they are hunters.

Mainly, boost him up. However, not in a corny way. Eventually, with notice of new good things on him or in his life, including accomplishments, compliment him dearly. Hence, do not easily come-up with reasons to praise or congratulate him. Though, not performed nothing new nor accomplished anything.

Precisely, ensure you show him that you know him. Actually, it is good to be poetic, but in this state, there is no need. Eventually, be specific in texts you send to him. Even if it means calling him by his name, call him. It will ring a bell, and even hear your voice calling his name whilst reading. Then, Love you even better.

Gradually, turn up the heat. Ensure he becomes curious of what is going on in your thoughts. Actually, take it slowly. Afterwards, then begin the journey of sensual texts exchange which will extend the level of cravings for you in Him. Fortunately, he will be hungry for you.

Notably, be interesting via your texts. Actually, normal texts like, “Hi“, “How are you?” or “Nice weather today!” won’t awaken his crazy cravings. Actually, texting is not some competition to enter, but they must be more romantic and attractive.

Above all else, be adventurous in your relationship or marriage.

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Otterly In-Love💯💋👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🧕

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