Church As The Bride of Christ And Christ Our Groom

First foremost, Church is the bride of Christ. Mainly, Jesus was a complete man, our whole groom. Eventually, He had all the nature of a man, but He never married. Fairly, He could have, but He never did.

Nevertheless, He never married any woman though He was a true and complete man. Actually, He never married a daughter of a woman, that He might marry His whole church, the bride.

Exclusively, a true local church is the bride of Christ in recapitulation, in miniature. Hence, everything that is in the whole church of Christ should be recapitulated in the local church. For the church, part of it in heaven and part of it on earth, is the bride of Christ.

Moreover, our Lord Jesus washed His bride, regenerated her and prepared her. Hopefully, He is coming back to take her–the whole church–as His bride. However, any local church is the whole church in recapitulation, just as a local election recapitulates a national one.

Though, the same liberty is expressed. The same candidates run. They talk about each other; they plead their own worth and put up bulletins and do the same thing on a small scale than they do on the federal level. That may be a poor illustration, but the whole bride of Christ is recapitulated.

Although, any local church is what the whole church is, just in miniature Husbands; “love your wives, just as Christ loved the church” and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the Word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

Principally, in this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. Fairly, He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does to the church (Ephesians 5:25-29).

Notably, this figure drawn from husbands and wives is applied directly without apology to Jesus Christ and His church. Just as a young man would not marry a dirty bride, so Jesus Christ will not marry a church that has stains or wrinkles or blemishes. Hence, His desire is for a glorious church, and He wants to love that church as a man loves his own bride.

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Beautiful Mindset💯💭

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Calmness Is A Super Power

How many times have you lost it? Ran out of the multitude in Church, School, Meeting or Home? Instead of zero reaction towards certain behaviors from folks, then quickly be at 90% reaction? With emotions mopping on the floor?

Well, never allow your blood to boil constantly. To lose it all instead of gathering it. Hence, train yourself to always remain calm at all cost.

Actually, out of all the benefits and lessons of life, the best lesson to endlessly attend to until death do its part, is calmness. Eventually, there is no master of calmness.

Therefore, whenever you begin to feel down, saddened, angered or under pressure; just take a deep breath and act as if everything is under control. Actually, be like the flight attendents whom serves with a smile to clients, even though the Aeroplane is about to crash.

In addition, be like the instrumentalists in Titanic Ship whom sang melodious songs until reaching their death. Smoothly and slowly breathing the air into the instruments for relaxation. Unfortunately, the Titanic sank with them, but they served profoundly.

Furthermore, if you practice this technique of calmness, your heart and body will thank you brain later. Besides, even your health will become golden and peaceful as Paradise.

Notably, if you master calm spirit, you are way powerful than super-heroes and heroines.

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Heart In Suggestion Mouth

Within this life, habits are formed daily without notice. Hence, others gets repeated without our knowledge until they become part of ourselves. For it takes only two weeks to master a habit in your life.

Likewise to beating up a bad habit with a good ones. Actually, learn the best habits which will ensure you are a disciplined individual whose happiness is aimed at goals and winning.

Nevertheless, instantly replace toxic habits with the best ones daily.

First, but foremost, instead of watching Netflix Marathons, get in bed and sleep tightly. Actually, cover yourself with blanket, relax your face, enable your tongue to be at a relaxation, then without any waste of time you will be asleep. It takes a minute to sleep with this technique, as the mind is connected to the tongue.

Secondly, instead of having bought fast food as your breakfast, lunch or supper, have homemade cooked meals daily. Actually, buy healthy grocery which maximize to Month. Enable yourself to flexibly cook any healthy kind of meal, then you will see your monthly budget changing. Hence, even you body shape and skin tone.

Moreover, instead of attracting toxic friends, attract top mentors. As people’s person, ensure you don’t not attract toxicity. Hence, attract mentors, people higher than you in terms of success. People whom think outside the box or either on their feet under any circumstance. For birds of the same feathers flock together.

Furthermore, instead of watching TV, exercise. Actually, wear your Sports attire, then jog or do aerobics at Park, home or any location which enables you to be flexible. For flexibility is the key to an Open-mindedness. The more you exercise, the more you are less stressed. The more your health improves, the more your academics or work results improves at the workplace. Hence, even promotions interlude.

Additionally, instead of complaining, practice gratitude with all the people you come across. Enable yourself to appreciate yourself and all the individuals you meet despite the relationship with them. Despite what kind of experience they give you. Despite the spice they volunteerily offer you.

Eventually, become thankful in all situations, for a thankful heart attract peace and blessings. Even, positivity becomes your portion, and you will never be given depression plate. As Vibes attracts each other.

Continuously, instead of blaming someone, be a responsible folk. Let your second name be blameless. Hence, divorce blaming attitude and marry responsibility. Enable yourself to outgrow the habit of blame. For within any blaming occasion, there is no direction. Hence, only the responsible occasion allows folks to grow into mature beings; whom takes responsibility of all they go through for the break-even in breakthrough.

Last, but not least, instead of always overthinking, commit to actions. Rebuke procrastination and ruminating. Rebuke barrenness in all the departments of your life due to overthinking. Hence, overthinking does not only steal your happiness, but also steal your success. Like a devil, it steals you, then murder you. Actually, it kills easily than any lifetime diseases.

Notably, a raisin dropped in a glass of fresh Champagne will float up and down from the bottom of the glass to the top. As a result, be a raisin and float to the top.

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Scorpion Can Die From Drop Of Alcohol

Have you ever been scammed? Or maybe maybe someone tried? Or has been trying lately to scam you? Well, I don’t know how many times, but I have legendary experience in scammed world!

As a result, check my articles from 2020, then you will see screenshots of conversation whereby I was scammed during desperate inexperience period in scammed world.

Henceforth, below is a dialogue of myself and Scammer whom pretended to seek love in order to Scam me.

Actually, take some tactics of how to avoid being scammed below:

[04/30, 01:43] +213 698 75 73 25: Hi
[04/30, 01:56] Coach💞: Hello
[04/30, 01:57] +213 698 75 73 25: How are you doing
[04/30, 01:58] Coach💞: I am fine thanks and yourself?
[04/30, 01:58] +213 698 75 73 25: Al good thanks
[04/30, 01:58] +213 698 75 73 25: Am from algeria am 32
[04/30, 01:59] Coach💞: From South Africa and 26. Where did you find my number?
[04/30, 02:12] +213 698 75 73 25: I found it in my contact i think we spoke before but i don’t remember
[04/30, 02:13] Coach💞: No, unfortunately I have never spoken to you before
I don’t remember

How can I help you?
[04/30, 02:14] +213 698 75 73 25: I just want to know you
[04/30, 02:15] Coach💞: Know me how?
[04/30, 02:15] +213 698 75 73 25: Become friends
[04/30, 02:19] Coach💞: Alrighty
I hope this is not a scam where you will ask me for money or maybe want to send me fake present order, then scam me with saying that I have to pay delivery money, because I won’t!
[04/30, 02:19] +213 698 75 73 25: Lol i will not
[04/30, 02:20] +213 698 75 73 25: But why did you ask me about scamming you
[04/30, 02:20] +213 698 75 73 25: Did you get scammed before?
[04/30, 02:21] Coach💞: Yes, only once and they tried again, then I blocked the number
[04/30, 02:21] +213 698 75 73 25: Don’t trust no body be careful
[04/30, 02:22] Coach💞: Yes, it is just that time I needed a phone
[04/30, 02:23] +213 698 75 73 25: Don’t buy phone from shady web sites or from Whatsapp
[04/30, 02:24] Coach💞: Alrighty
[04/30, 02:24] +213 698 75 73 25: Do you have a picture of your self
[04/30, 02:25] Coach💞: Do send yours first
[04/30, 02:25] +213 698 75 73 25: My profile picture it’s me
[04/30, 02:26] Coach💞: Send five more
[04/30, 02:27] +213 698 75 73 25: That’s now from my bed

🚫 This message was deleted (Deleted a Photo by 08:00am)
[04/30, 02:27] Coach💞: 4 more please
[04/30, 02:28] +213 698 75 73 25: Why 5 specifically
[04/30, 02:29] Coach💞: No, I just said 5 or you can even send 7 or 10! I don’t mind
[04/30, 02:29] +213 698 75 73 25: You don’t believe me
[04/30, 02:29] Coach💞: With this one I think I recognize your face! I might have spoken to you in 2020
[04/30, 02:30] +213 698 75 73 25: Probably

🚫This message was deleted (deleted a Picture by 08:00am)
[04/30, 02:30] Coach💞: Please do… It’s not about believing or not
[04/30, 02:30] +213 698 75 73 25: I can take one last picture

🚫This message was deleted.
[04/30, 02:31] Coach💞: The last 3 please
[04/30, 02:32] +213 698 75 73 25: I can’t am sorry if you don’t believe just tell me
[04/30, 02:33] +213 698 75 73 25: You didn’t send one picture of you
[04/30, 02:33] +213 698 75 73 25: I don’t need 5 pictures
[04/30, 02:34] Coach💞: It’s just pictures I am asking for, if you cannot send me please video call me by 09:00

I love video calls with friends
[04/30, 02:34] +213 698 75 73 25: Let’s do a video call now
[04/30, 02:35] Coach💞: Just try, but my data is too low at this moment

But by 09:00am it will be good
[04/30, 02:37] +213 698 75 73 25: You don’t have data
[04/30, 02:37] Coach💞: Didn’t connect, but surely by 09:00am I will be sorted

[04/30, 02:38] Coach💞: It’s only 2 pictures
I want more pictures and videos calls
[04/30, 02:39] +213 698 75 73 25: Send me some pics and will send you back
[04/30, 02:40] Coach💞: No, you are the one inviting me to be your friend so it shouldn’t be too hard to send pictures unless if there is a problem
[04/30, 02:41] +213 698 75 73 25: Just be honest with you why do you need so much pictures
[04/30, 02:41] +213 698 75 73 25: With me
[04/30, 02:41] Coach💞: Just to see you. I love pictures
[04/30, 02:42] +213 698 75 73 25: I don’t have i got to take pictures
[04/30, 02:42] +213 698 75 73 25: How do you want me to take the pictures
[04/30, 02:42] Coach💞: Just take 2 now and another 2 by sunrise
[04/30, 02:43] Coach💞: Face and body
[04/30, 02:43] +213 698 75 73 25: In exchange you send me yours
[04/30, 02:44] Coach💞: Please do, you will see me by 09:00am in video call!

🚫This message was deleted.
[04/30, 02:46] Coach💞: The face in the video as well

🚫This message was deleted.
[04/30, 02:47] +213 698 75 73 25: Do you like the pictures or not
[04/30, 02:47] Coach💞: Where is the face here?
[04/30, 02:48] +213 698 75 73 25: I can’t send you more pictures
[04/30, 02:48] +213 698 75 73 25: You didn’t send one picture
[04/30, 02:48] Coach💞: Please send me last 2 more
[04/30, 02:48] +213 698 75 73 25: 4 picture is enough
[04/30, 02:49] Coach💞: You will see me on video call first
[04/30, 02:49] +213 698 75 73 25: And am scared now because you are asking for much pictures
[04/30, 02:49] Coach💞: For pictures lover it is not
[04/30, 02:49] +213 698 75 73 25: But for what be honest with me
[04/30, 02:50] Coach💞: I just want to see you
Are you currently in Algeria?
[04/30, 02:50] +213 698 75 73 25: Yeah
[04/30, 02:52] +213 698 75 73 25: Am in the house
[04/30, 02:52] +213 698 75 73 25: In my bed
[04/30, 02:52] +213 698 75 73 25: And you?
[04/30, 02:53] Coach💞: Yes, please take another one
[04/30, 02:53] Coach💞: In bed as well
Still too dark
[04/30, 02:53] +213 698 75 73 25: Are you alone
[04/30, 02:54] Coach💞: Yes and you?
[04/30, 02:54] +213 698 75 73 25: Yes am alone
[04/30, 02:54] +213 698 75 73 25: I wish i was with you now
[04/30, 02:56] Coach💞: Please don’t talk about that
You said that you want to be friends, not fiance to-be

Plus I want your picture of now
[04/30, 02:56] +213 698 75 73 25: I want to be your boyfriend
[04/30, 02:59] Coach💞: I don’t want a boyfriend
I want a Fiancé to-be

Aren’t you married because at your side parents choose wives for you? Your cousins are your wives
[04/30, 03:00] +213 698 75 73 25: Wtf 😱 am single what is this bullshit you are saying
[04/30, 03:00] +213 698 75 73 25: Who tf you think i am
[04/30, 03:01] +213 698 75 73 25: Am from north Africa not india do you know geography
[04/30, 03:02] Coach💞: I know it, I’ll double check it later
[04/30, 03:04] +213 698 75 73 25: I just want a african lady like you
[04/30, 03:04] Coach💞: Serious?
[04/30, 03:04] +213 698 75 73 25: Yes
[04/30, 03:05] Coach💞: Alrighty, do call me by 09:00am

If I ask you to come to South Africa, would you come?
[04/30, 03:05] +213 698 75 73 25: Yes
[04/30, 03:11] Coach💞: Alrighty
What if I say in 2 months from now?
[04/30, 03:11] +213 698 75 73 25: It’s possible
[04/30, 03:12] +213 698 75 73 25: Where will i stay
[04/30, 03:15] Coach💞: I’ll book for you in one of the Hotels
[04/30, 03:15] Coach💞: Or Guesthouses
[04/30, 03:16] +213 698 75 73 25: You stay with me?
[04/30, 03:17] Coach💞: Of course, you will be my visitor
[04/30, 03:18] +213 698 75 73 25: In hotel?
[04/30, 03:19] Coach💞: Yes, as long as you don’t mind
[04/30, 03:20] +213 698 75 73 25: No no at all I’d love to be with you
[04/30, 03:21] +213 698 75 73 25: In Same bedroom to 😅
[04/30, 03:21] Coach💞: Alrighty, fantastic
[04/30, 03:22] +213 698 75 73 25: You will sleep with me in same bed?
[04/30, 03:25] Coach💞: There are rooms with two single bed and those with 1 double bed!

OhIf by that time we’d be engaged, “Yes!”
[04/30, 03:26] +213 698 75 73 25: Okay
[04/30, 03:27] Coach💞: So what is your full name?
[04/30, 03:28] +213 698 75 73 25: Zakaria hamlaoui
[04/30, 03:30] Coach💞: Please pronounce it for via audio
[04/30, 03:33] Coach💞: Oooooh… So l sound as r while pronouncing?
[04/30, 03:36] +213 698 75 73 25: I will tech you tomorrow
[04/30, 03:36] +213 698 75 73 25: Teech
[04/30, 03:37] Coach💞: Alrighty, what is your home language?
[04/30, 07:07] Coach💞: ?
[04/30, 08:51] Coach💞: You’re a scam!!! All pictures removed

To let the cat out of the bag, never give power to strangers whom texted you first. Actually, ask for more pictures and video calls. Ensure their mission of pulling through to certain conversations does not work.

Ask more questions so that the Scammer loses control, then gives up. For this one above, as I demanded more Photos and video calls by 09:00am, he basically removed the few pictures sent and blocked me by 08:00am so that when 09:00am comes, he is no longer in connection with me anymore.

Actually, it might be that, this Scammer committed fraud by taking someone’s Photos and name from one of the Social Medias in order to Scam. Hence, by asking for video calls during the day and even the outdoor video calls to view his surroundings, it scares him.

Above all, do not send anything to the Scammer or any unknown number which claims to know or maybe have spoken to you previously.

Notably, never get bitten twice. For once bitten, second round you die.

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Face Fears 💯🤨

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Just Believe💯📖

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Eid Mubarak🌙🌠✨

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Take A Taxi, Cross A Bridge Today

Have you ever lost appetite? Like your favourite delicious meal being in infront of you, but completely lost taste from the eyes?

Well! I never thought it would once happen. Yet, currently I have zero percent mood. Lost appetite and just want a peaceful joyous location. Actually, I don’t know. One moment you are with babu and he asks moola to give his girlfriend. It is like some pathetic nonchalant s**t.

Another moment while refusing, he forces the give-aways without taking anything in exchange. Then, the topic turns from him asking moola for his girlfriend while thinking you are his only girlfriend to a whole few Rands in people’s perspective.

Nevertheless, our relationship is not an Orphanage, Old-Age Home or some Community Centre whereby everything have to pass by CEOs, COOs or HODs. Neither does it seek any Community support.

Actually, some folks due to eavesdropping, they no longer view it with an eye that one partner asks moola for mistress from his woman.

However, they view it with an eye that Herbalife lady does not want to give moola away. The meer few bucks.

Exclusively, I am sorry to say, but even if I become a billionaire I will never fund nor sponsor my Boyfriend’s, Fiancé’s or Husband’s girlfriend.

Notably, Stop,Take A Deep Breath, Think, Then Speak! Besides, it is so special to stay in this love!!

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Creatures’ Understanding🐦🦚

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