Prejudism Packed With Nepotism

Presenting Though Pretending To Touch Content,
Fumbling In Difficult Words To Show Linguisticity,
Cutting All The Edges
In Touch Of Personal Issues,
Pretending To Show Realistic Examples
Though Pouring Out What’s In Your Heart,
Pouring Out To Send Message Indirectly
Indirectly To The Folk In Four Inner Corners,
Checking Same Folk’s Work
To Ensure The Track With One,
Folk Assisting Mate
Receiving Swearings
Sharing The Same Swearings
To Swear Together,
Warnings Stopping One From Assisting
Then Being Cursely Praised
For None Offering-Helping Hand And Mind,
Wondering Whether There’s Sanity At Top
Hence Sanity Acting
Changing Into Prejudism,
Only Looking For Blood Family
Whereas We Are Blood As Long As Called By One Name!!

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