Bring Me Peaches

My Brother Called Last Night,
3 Missed Calls Heard Them Not In My Sleep,
Didn’t Give Up To Hear His Sister’s Voice,
19:50 Rang To Voice Mail,
20:30 Rang To Voice Mail,
20:36 Rang To Voice Mail,
20:37 Rang,
Then Answered In My Sleep,
I Could Recognize His Voice,
Though Deeply Sleeping,
Laughingly Said, “Retha” ,
I Could Resemble His Face Laughing,
“You Have Airtime?”, I Enquired
Excitedly, “I Have Airtime…I Bought Airtime!”
I Said, “Oooooohh… I See! That’s Awesome!”
I Could See Him Smile Via The Phone,
“Bring Me Peaches”, I Said
That’s All I Could Ask For,
Which My Brother Agreed
Without Knowledge
That I’m In Resting Landscapes!!

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