Why Are You Impatient With Me,

Why Are You Busy To Me,

You Pretend As If Everything Is Okay,

Breaking My Heart Slowly,

Always Thinking That You Have A Problem,

While You Know It’s Me,

You Never Appriaciate My Love,

Everything I Say,

You Take It Easy,

Thinking That I Am Soft In Tongue And Heart,

And Everything You Trespass,

Trespass I Will Forgive You

In The Name Of Love,

You Take Me For Nothing-

But A Wife To You,

A Wife You Never Wedded,

Keeping On Playing Immature,

In The Name Of Manhood,

Why Are You Postponing Our Moments,

I Am Sorry To Play Stupid,

As You See Me Laughing IN your Mind,

I Promise To Forgive You,

And Never Return You In My Heart!

And Never Ask You Why Again!!

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Love Drinks From The Well Of Beauty

To break the lovely melting ice, Love can drive you crazy. Actually, it can take you from thinking properly to overthinking. Hence, to behaving like a normal individual to behaving like an up-normal individual. Actually, from peaceful folk to fiercely fiesty folk.

Nevertheless, with every action there is a motive. Hence, while happily in love, love differs from while angrily betrayed in love. Actually, like Ecclesiastical Book(Ecclesiastic 3) have spoken, everything have its own time. Even though, you become impatient, it shall come to pass.

Principally, with everything having its own time, now it is the time to dive into the secretives to drive your husband to-be very crazy. Even if it means to the edges of the ocean, let it be. Even if it means to the borders of the continent, then let it be. Eventually, if it means bunking going to work due to morning craziness, let it be.

Nevertheless, wear his hoodie or shirt. Ensure while wearing them, you put them with only lingerie inside or nothing at all. Mainly, as he sees you snuggled in his clothing, he will realize how much he cares about you. Actually, how much he loves you since the day you met.

Moreover, as wearing his hoodie or shirt, give him some sass. Mainly, instead of becoming lazy, bring on board playful challenges which will thrill him. Eventually, as you bring those challenges, you will keep him on his toes. Woof woof!! He will love you more and better. Whom doesn’t love someone whom keeps him at his extreme? Well, nobody! We all love that individual whom we forever Flirt and kiddishly play with naked or either dressed at the streets.

Principally, previously I was dressed in his shirt, then he told me to walk a bit and switch off the light. However, as fascinating as it was it, I thought to myself, “Wooooooowwwww! It’s a bit cold on the floor. Hence, I’m not going to wear the slippers. I’ll walk with my toes and heels up while in his shirt.” Then, I walked like a pageant to the wall-plug, then as I looked back before reaching it, I found him blushing. Hence, switched it off as I reached it and then returned to him.

Exclusively, as I poured my heart above, I was offering a tip that you should look back at him while walking away. Eventually, as you walk away, but smilingly looking back at him, your legs gives him a scream to follow you. Hence, he tries all means to resist that request within his heart to follow you by all means.

Additionally, bit your lip as you look at him. Eventually, as you do this, he will be closely get attracted to you, then desire to kiss you so hard. Hence, he cannot resist you, grasp you, then forever hold you in his arms, then kiss you. Actually, bring you all caresses. However, do not forget to Flirt as biting that juicy lip of yours.

Besides biting your lip, adjust his necktie before he leaves for work. Hence, ensure you are still in his shirt while doing so. For while lifting your hands to his neck, the shirt goes up a bit and gives him a chance to focus and at the same time touch your ass. Hence, as it never hurts to have a womanly touch, that gives him a tip to forever keep you in his life by all means.

Above all else, if you have long hair, flip it infront of him before giving him a flirtatious smile. As he love seeing your cute face, add suspense and flirtations sometimes unexpectedly.

Notably, that cute smile of yours and flirtatious actions will forever remain in his mind wherever he is and at any time.

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