Pierce To Penetrate Soul

Talking Smoothely To Self,
Inquiring Questions Untouched
Sacred To The Soul
With Demand From Spirit
To Leave None Unturned;
Turning Smoothely To Cause No Sound
To The Sacred Places,
Touching Every Spot
To Spotify The Soul
Acknowledge The Loses And Wins
Ready For Everything To Unfold in 2023!


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Blockless Button

Wanting To Block,


Block Button Resisting,

Freezing My Phone,

Without Minding Whether I’ll Be Phoneless,

With Realization Of Nonsense

Which Had Been Nonsense

Without Recognition As Once Put Ahead,

Trusted Without Questioning,

Loved Without Conditions,

Blamelessly Focused With Believe,

Whereas Believe Wasn’t Directed,

Directed To The Wrong One!!

Turning To The Next Page Of Truth-

Sorry, But Not Sorry!!

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Muddy Clay Fish

I Am Fish,
I Get Dry Without Water,
I Cannot Go A Day Without Water
Never Mind A Drop Of Water,
Never Mind A Week Without Water,
I’ll Feel From My Throat
To The Deepness Of My Vains
To My Heart Crying To Delute The Same Water With Blood,
For The Entire Body To Remain Active Throughout,
The Dry Land It Is
Like The Ground Broken From Deep Down
Fish With None Tolerance Of Muddy Clay
Sand Turning Into Dust
Soil Turning Into Clay
Clay Turning Into Stone
Awaiting The Arrival Of Blessings From Heaven,
With All Turns And Tumblings
Fish Cannot Live…
Died It Became With The First Conversion From Wetland To Desert!

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Tap Love Solutions Daily

Making Mistakes And Lashing Out Not,

Learning From Them Is Part Of Life,

But Sometimes It Is So Cruel To Know Something Is Wrong,

But Still Do It;

I Know It’s Wrong

But This Feeling Of Getting Close To A Person,

It’s Getting To Me Heavily That I Don’t Know What To Do;

It’s So Heavier Than The Storm,

Than The Hot Volcano Rushing Out Of The Mountain With Anger,

Flowing To The Sights,

With People Making An Aisle For It To Pass,

What Can I Call It?

A Temptation?

A Real Fling That Will Last For Years?


Is It A True Love?

What’s Supposed To Happen Supposed To Happen,

But For NOW My Mind Is Creatively Mixed With Words,

That Even I Can’t Tolerate Nor Explain,

Neither Order Can Play Its Role,

Where There’s Journey There’s Adventure,

That’s All I Can Mention For Now And Later!!

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Prejudism Packed With Nepotism

Presenting Though Pretending To Touch Content,
Fumbling In Difficult Words To Show Linguisticity,
Cutting All The Edges
In Touch Of Personal Issues,
Pretending To Show Realistic Examples
Though Pouring Out What’s In Your Heart,
Pouring Out To Send Message Indirectly
Indirectly To The Folk In Four Inner Corners,
Checking Same Folk’s Work
To Ensure The Track With One,
Folk Assisting Mate
Receiving Swearings
Sharing The Same Swearings
To Swear Together,
Warnings Stopping One From Assisting
Then Being Cursely Praised
For None Offering-Helping Hand And Mind,
Wondering Whether There’s Sanity At Top
Hence Sanity Acting
Changing Into Prejudism,
Only Looking For Blood Family
Whereas We Are Blood As Long As Called By One Name!!

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