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Let Us Always Meet Each Other With Smile,

For The Smile Is The Beginning Of Love.

Mother Teresa

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Endless Autumn

Always Have To Water The Plant

Lady Is A Plant And

Guy Is The Water 

The More The Guy Shows Acts Of Love(Water)

The More The Love Grows(Plant) 

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Today Is Your Opportunity To Build The Tomorrow You Want

Life Is A Journey

Which Is FULL Of Many Paths

Many Obstacles Which Needs A Wise Mind

Which Never Give Up

Until What Needs To Be Done Is Done

Leaving All Foot-Prints

For The Next Next Generation To Follow

And Be Fruitful With All Doings

With World As Vigilante.

Life Is A Learning Place

Which Needs A Choice Of Learning Or Not

Or Living With Repetition Of Mistakes

Until Fumblings Leads To Death

Leaving With Regrets

That Can Never Be Erased

With A Clock Moving Clock-wise

Which Its Hand Can Never Be Stopped.

Life Is An Equation

Which Needs To Be Balanced With Care

Without It’s Balance All Answers Are Wrong

Which Needs Trying Vitally

Until It’s Correct.

Life Is All About Living

Life Needs Vigilante Person

Vigilante Person Lives Longer.

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Discovery Of Coffee In Africa

There Is Life In Nature,
There’s Beauty In Greenville,
There’s Beauty In Greenland,
Everybody Sees Trees, Grass And Animals,
Hence, I See Wealth,
Keep Looking,
You’ll Realize How Peaceful
With The Glimpse Of The View!
Enter At Your Own Risk,
Then You’ll Be Embraced By Peace!
Quite Peace With Only Sounds Of Birds,
Oxygenated Breeze Welcoming You,
Hence, You’re Welcome In Greenland!!

Legend states that Coffee was discovered in Africa by an Ethiopian Shepherd.

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Rose, The Representative of Love

I Resisted His Looooovvvveee Without My Knowledge At First, Then Hesitated Not

We Became Friends At First Sight Effortlessly Without Pressure,

Viewed More Of Stranger’s Looooovvvveee For His Daughter At A Distance,

Fell In Looooovvvveee With Him Due To His Looooovvvveee For His Daughter,

Completely Complimented Him With Full Contentment!

Hopefully, Updated My View Of Certain Fathers Via Him;

For Through Him I Could View My Ancestral Dad’s Looooovvvveee As His First Child And Daughter!

Unfortunately, Then We Disappeared Without Notification!

Fairly, After A Year Reconnected With Reconciliation;

Happily, This Time I Could Feel And Touch The Looooovvvveee Of My Dear Friend!!

Notably, Super Hot Than Ever!!

I Just Seeked And On Plea To Remain In This Fire Forever❤️🤍💯💋🔛💋💯🤍❤️

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Be Flexibly Proud Woman You Are

Get Serious – About Your Peace!

Get Serious – About Your Future!

Get Serious – About Your Goals!

Get Serious – About Your Looooovvvveee!

Get Serious – About Your Faith!

Get Serious – About Your Mental Wellness!

Get Serious – About Your Life!

Get Serious – About Your Jesus!


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Success Demands For Sacrifices

Success demands for sacrifices, sacrifice of sleep, sacrifice of entertainment, sacrifice of comfort zone.

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Dating Whilst Disheartened Is A Recipe For Failure

To break the silence, then keep pouring despite what liquid is it, there is something disheartening about hungrily desiring something valuable from wrong person. Hence, you will chase and chase until you are fatigued. Besides being fatigued you will be emotionally damaged.

Although, certain folks out there would take any chance given to be and do whatever you desire with another folk dying for. Hence, they would whole heartedly grasp any opportunity with you, to repair the disparity of emotional violence which was involved in.

Thus, you will love emotionally abusive partner until something sometimes whispers to you to leave. Even though, leaving it is never a heart’s option, you’ll have to pack your luggage and leave your heart behind. For it is unfairly betraying you and going against your agreement.

Exclusively, the agreement between the mind and heart was to focus on love. Hence, if any kind of abuse occurs, Luggage have to be packed despite how much it is, how heavy it is or either long it will take to pack, then leave. Then, carry the Luggage and body of his/her life. Actually, all that matters is to see yourself at the other side of the road, glowing like nobody’s business.

Principally, nobody signed up for any kind of abuse from a person, you once never knew he/she existed. Unfairly, at first glimpse, there is abuse. In fact, emotional abuse is also accountable in unlawful acts against women and children.

Likewise to physical abuse, while insulting one, name-calling one or either swearing at one; it is like holding one by neck, then pushing him/her towards the wall very hard spiritually. Then, forever hanging him/her there if there is nail pin. Yet, physically not doing so.

Besides, acting the fiercely violent words, the more they are thrown in one’s direction, the more one continuously feel beaten with a stick. Hence, the stick is better, but for the worst-“the Hamer”.

Probably, one day the stick might break, then pierce through my flesh. Then, at last the pain will show physically of how the heart is bleeding very hard.

Above all else, except remaining in that emotionally toxic relationship, pack your baggage and leave before you step out of that domain as a corpse baggage.

Notably, instead of staying in the name of love, love yourself and detect when the love which was love at first sight, turned into love at first death.

Subsequently, I don’t know how many times can a folk die. Though, once the breath leaves the flesh, death has entered into certain folks’ home.

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Church As The Bride of Christ And Christ Our Groom

First foremost, Church is the bride of Christ. Mainly, Jesus was a complete man, our whole groom. Eventually, He had all the nature of a man, but He never married. Fairly, He could have, but He never did.

Nevertheless, He never married any woman though He was a true and complete man. Actually, He never married a daughter of a woman, that He might marry His whole church, the bride.

Exclusively, a true local church is the bride of Christ in recapitulation, in miniature. Hence, everything that is in the whole church of Christ should be recapitulated in the local church. For the church, part of it in heaven and part of it on earth, is the bride of Christ.

Moreover, our Lord Jesus washed His bride, regenerated her and prepared her. Hopefully, He is coming back to take her–the whole church–as His bride. However, any local church is the whole church in recapitulation, just as a local election recapitulates a national one.

Though, the same liberty is expressed. The same candidates run. They talk about each other; they plead their own worth and put up bulletins and do the same thing on a small scale than they do on the federal level. That may be a poor illustration, but the whole bride of Christ is recapitulated.

Although, any local church is what the whole church is, just in miniature Husbands; “love your wives, just as Christ loved the church” and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the Word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.

Principally, in this same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. Fairly, He who loves his wife loves himself. After all, no one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it, just as Christ does to the church (Ephesians 5:25-29).

Notably, this figure drawn from husbands and wives is applied directly without apology to Jesus Christ and His church. Just as a young man would not marry a dirty bride, so Jesus Christ will not marry a church that has stains or wrinkles or blemishes. Hence, His desire is for a glorious church, and He wants to love that church as a man loves his own bride.

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Hello J-U-L-I-E🌍🌊🧕👳🐶

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