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He Who Protects Himself From Cold, Also Wards Off Heat

Sometimes some people think it is easy to get everything you want. You work hard in silence and doing all your best. And they don’t even see that you are doing your best and the position which you are at, you do not like it. And moving to another level is within your best interest.

All they see it is what is infront of them. They watch you hustling, and think you gave up in life or worse, you love the position you are at. They cannot see the prayers you do privately in your heart. All smiley and happy all the time. Being grateful to the little you have and having faith that God is still preparing something huge within the Department of your profession.

It can never be easy to just open up the bag of your dirty laundry for everyone to see. For no matter how much you show them that actually the reason for your daily happiness is not because you got everything  you need in your life. However, all because you are grateful for everything and everyone you got surrounding you.

Sometimes even telling folks your business won’t even get you out of the mess or whatever personal stress you have. You being quiet and happy does not mean that you do not have any lack. All you have to know is that, you did not come into this world to serve yourself nor any of your desires. Hence, God brought you forth to serve Him. To bring back His souls to Him the best way you can before He can bless you massively.

To break the ice, it has never been easy. However, I am happy to be in His Palace. Serving Him and waiting on Him. Without Him, even the died body without any flesh, but its soul and spirit in Heaven without our knowledge is way better. Without God, everyone is died-living. Died walking daily to fulfil their worldly chores.

Furthermore, He did not say “seek He first the kingdom of God” blindly. He said it, knowing that the worldly riches depend on heavenly riches. One cannot access the worldly riches without being rich in Heaven.

Resemble that other worldly riches got accessed via selling folks’ souls and spirits. Swearing to serve the devil for the rest of your life because you are unable to be patient at the compound God put you at.

So be real enough to remain faithful to God alone.

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Teach Them How To Pray!

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Proverbs 22:6
[6]Direct your children onto the right path,
    and when they are older, they will not leave it.

The one whom makes me walk in the darker nights, I will be in thankful to Him while the Sun arises. Hence, as parents we are offered our children with trust from the Lord that, we will raise them with good instructions and discipline.

Henceforth, the first foremost discipline to teach the children is to pray, read the Holy Bible and always run to God’s house on every Sunday, even daily if the place of fellowship opens from Sunday to Sunday.

The moment you teach your Children, our Father Prayer like Christ did to His desciples. It is a great start of instruction in the route of building the next generation Pastor or the Servant of God.

Furthermore, the more the children are taught to wake up with prayer and sleep with prayer; it is the more the children get used to praying. It becomes their habit to pray in the morning and night. Eventually, they will also remind or request you to join them in prayer while they are young adults.

Psalms 19:14
[14]May the words of my mouth
    and the meditation of my heart
be pleasing to you,
    O  lord, my rock and my redeemer.

As you forget or busy with the worldly duties of your career, they will request for 30 minutes or an hour. They will even go to the extreme of praying for you and all the family. Like Daniel did while he was busy working in Parliaments, he made prayer his habit.

Daniel made prayer his habit and routinely went for prayer in secret. No matter how busier his day was. So you will never busy for prayer nor be busy to teach your children to pray “our Lord’s Prayer“. Actually, even teaching them how to choose the scriptures daily and meditate upon the Word.

Therefore, the more the children knows and understands that they live for God in this world as its foreigners. It is the children whom will live to please the Lord, worship and praise Him as if there never the following day daily. Taking Him as their Refuge and the unbreakable Rock.

In conclusion, it is best to teach children the Holy doings from above before they are no longer bendable. As they are bendable, take the opportunity to instruct and discipline them in the right manner without abuse.

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