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There Is No Home Like Where Contentment Lies

It is very difficult to feel at home, while you just moved out of your home of ages into your own space. Especially, when you are used to a lot of company and a lot of noise around you.

At first, it is an obstacle like last year as I had to move and live alone far from friends in my own space. One may complain about moving out or leaving home while there is a conflict, with independency thought of easiness as most experienced folks may say it is fun to live alone. The freedom is one of the best factors. However, it is not so for most people at first.

So let us look at the following ways of feeling at home into our new spaces, immediately after moving out:

1. Buy the furniture that is required:

It is of importance to have a bed with bedding sheets and blanket. Having a comfortable bed will never make you regret moving out for most when resembling home occurs, it is while we miss the mattress from home. Sleeping on a hard mattress will make it hard to sleep for all the body will be sore. Additionally, ensure you have stove to cook at, dishes, glasses, pots, kettle, iron and fridge with basic healthy food. It can never feel like home without the above furniture.

2. Decorate your house in the way you want:

Choose the colours that you like and that will match from kitchen to bedroom. Some people like their rooms different with themes where each room has it’s own colour to express themselves. Even if it goes to the extent of painting your walls or furniture into a colour of your comfort, then go ahead.

3. Have a radio, television or speakers switched on:

It will always feel lonely if it is too quiet indoors as you will be living alone. In order to feel up the room with comfort of a bit of noise, one have to switch on music while doing various things or just listening relaxing. Music fills the atmosphere of aloneness into a home. It can never feel like you are alone in the room as if radio or Tv is not talking, your favourite music always rings a bell.

4. Read a Chapter a day:

If you love reading, it is always best to have a mini-library where you know that you will pick a book to read for a month. It does not have to be books only, even a magazine or newspaper will inform you of various things not having a knowledge of. Even if the books, newspapers or magazines are old, you have to read them if you have never read them before because the news or data never expires. It has to be a routine so that you know when you are home, you do not just sleep all day long because of boredom.

5. Always do chores:

Ensure that you become a person whom you’ll be proud of if it happened that you were to be a visitor into your home. Your home have to be cleaned 3 times a week, with pots and dishes cleaned after eating and finishing the food. An orderly home, it is the best place to feel comfortable at. Even if it happens that they will be unexpected visitors, you know that you would not be embarrassed to let them enter into your own space.

6. Have morning and evening meditation:

It is very valuable to invest your morning after waking up and evening before sleeping into praying. The more you invest your time into praying in order to get intimate with Christ before facing the world, or in order to get sweet dreams. It will become the best routine where peace will fill you up and end up filling up your whole house.

7. Be friendly introduce yourself to them:

Immediately after making yourself feel at home, you can go to your one or two neighbors to greet them, and let them know that you are their neighbor whom just arrived in the hood. The most important thing is to be friendly and smile always without getting tired because you are already familiar with them.

8. Put plants or flowers at your window or where there is some light from outside:

If you are a nature lover or have been in a home where you was always surrounded by flowers, trees or even garden, ensure that the plants get planted in small pots. It is never difficult to do what you love, and if you it had never just been surrounded by plants, it won’t be difficult to plant, find the right spot for them and irrigate them every now and then.

9. Hang art on the wall:

An artist’s home is a personal museum. It is where creativity blooms on every single wall. Various stories are told through the art. Even if it is a momentous pictures took at a young age or certain occasion, they can also be art that is presented on your wall. The walls should never be empty.

10. Go To nearby Market to buy grocery:

Before you get comfortable and die of hunger and quickly run back home, it is always best to fill the fridge and the kitchen cabinets with various uncooked dry food like Oats, Veetbix, Rice and so on. The more food there is, the more you feel at home.

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