Trust Your Uniqueness

First foremost, look at yourself as an individual. Be the kind of being whom knows you are a brand. Actually, the one and only brand which is irreplaceable.

In fact, trust your uniqueness. For, you might have lookalikes. Hence, your soul differs from any other Soul.

Fortunately, even twins to quin-triplets have some none uniqueness which compares to others. So, instead of comparing yourself to someone else or maybe envying them, take yourself into account. Stare yourself deeper from the mirror till you reach to your Spirit and Soul.

Thereafter, you will see no similarity to other and appreciate all of you!

Above all else, tell yourself the fierce Words before and live by them:

I’m Cute,
I’m Smart,
I’m capable of performing unperfomable,
I’m an uncrashable diamond,
I’m shinier priceless diamond,
Never unchanging
Though migrated with Origins,
I’m an Holy Godly Angel,
Serving And Unwilling
To redirect to live in the world!
For, my life is in Paradise!!

Happy Saturday Y’all!!


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