Opportunity To Be Love

To break the ice, in order to win in this life, you have to learn and master certain skills of livelihood. Actually, you have to own up to your actions and face everything ahead of you.

So, as this year start, restart it with certain techniques to forever remain optimistic, despite whomever or whatsoever.

Firstly, do not chase anybody whom does not want be part of your life. Actually, if one disconnect themselves from you. Happily, set them free like bird wanting to fly wildly.

Henceforth, even if it is friendship of many years, do not hold tight any longer. You might bleed to death. However, there is more to life than just holding a sword by its sharpness.

Continuously, beg nobody to fill any space in your life. Actually, New Year means newness in every part of your life. Eventually, it’s a new Season to bloom and let any part of you which dried up without letting go, go.

Kindly, wrap yourself with worth. Afterwards, act the worth on yourself without setting it as a Resolution. For it might be heavier, as it will change into a task, but not a chance.

Importantly, evacuate anything which seems to be sucking too much out of you. Actually, Open up more space for folks whom matter to you, than those whom criticize you. Those Whom turned themselves into parasites to suck peace and happiness out of you.

Frankly, be the game changer and master of your game, then play it savely. Actually, be in no position to force things on yourself nor force to change what cannot. Hence, act with acceptance on anything you approach.

Wrappedly, Love yourself so much to realize when something isn’t good for you. Shortly, it does not matter if it’s those Events nor drinks you love. Hence, mind health as your wealth.

Notably, From Today, it is your opportunity to be the love you want.


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You Can And You Will

Reached The Level Of Caring Less,
Focused Of Pleasing My God And Self,
Outdoing Myself To Ensure I Reach My Best Level,
Cheering On Self Is The Priority God Given,
He Said That There Is Power In Tongue,
So, Nobody Will Offer You Their Tongue,
Nobody Will Cheer On You Like Yourself,
Nobody Can Swallow Your Saliva Nor Edibles For You,
Nobody Can Bestly Do You For You!!
So, Ignore The Noise,
Focus On Your Goals,
Practice The Future You,
Then, Clap Hands For Yourself Within Success With Crowd At Hand!
Nobody Cares About Your Goals Nor Do They See The Destiny God Showed You Yet!!
Hence, Only You!
Walk Tall Despite Everything!
For The Rest Of Your Life You Have To Act The Best Version Of Yourself!
Be Proud Of Yourself
And Take A Bow!!

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