Why Are You Impatient With Me,

Why Are You Busy To Me,

You Pretend As If Everything Is Okay,

Breaking My Heart Slowly,

Always Thinking That You Have A Problem,

While You Know It’s Me,

You Never Appriaciate My Love,

Everything I Say,

You Take It Easy,

Thinking That I Am Soft In Tongue And Heart,

And Everything You Trespass,

Trespass I Will Forgive You

In The Name Of Love,

You Take Me For Nothing-

But A Wife To You,

A Wife You Never Wedded,

Keeping On Playing Immature,

In The Name Of Manhood,

Why Are You Postponing Our Moments,

I Am Sorry To Play Stupid,

As You See Me Laughing IN your Mind,

I Promise To Forgive You,

And Never Return You In My Heart!

And Never Ask You Why Again!!

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