Happiness Is Buying More Books

To break the ice, my intention is to just save these African and beyond books here. Actually, as an upcoming author, they enable me to tell my story daily without feeling guilty nor restricted.

Nevertheless, as I have recently joined a certain Women’s Book Club titled “ImPower’d Woman Book Club” , I feel warmly blessed because I have come to realization that there are other folks out there whom loves reading like myself. Thus, not only reading, but also writing.

To let the cat out of the bag, the Book Club is flexible. It enables book worms to perfectly go beyond reading the listed book to reading extra personally chosen books.

Actually, more books are listed yearly to cover 12 months of the year. Each month has its own book. Eventually, it is read a page a day until dragged into reading a book a day.

Fortunately, reviews are shared each month end for each book. More opinions are pointed out from real-life stories. More advices are offered of how another book can be drafted. Or mainly expected due to being drawn to how one’s life was lived.

As a result, more crave to hear what happened in certain departments of the authors’ life as only few scenarios and facts were shortly stated.

Exclusively, so far we sipped the tea in April 2022, but not chugged it as it is hot. Although, other couldn’t wait for the 30 days of April to finish, but had to sip it for a week, then others a day, whilst some sacrificed 12 hours of their sleep at night. Besides, it was perfectly good to play the imaginary movie whilst reading.

Subsequently, “Let’s have some tea” was reviewed variably.

As sharing is caring. Open your mouth so that I can the pour the last sweet drop in your mouth via the few reviews.

Let’s have some tea” Reviews:

a) Good day ladies

Book review
I would like to congratulate the writer on such an excellent book.

The story telling was well executed. I kept turning the pages because I wanted to find out more.
As a reader she carried me along (even though I’m not a mom), at times I joined her in her emotions though at times I would be upset because of her decisions 😅.

I loved the ending too, I loved how she took lessons from her own life as a way to move forward.

Thank you so much Mantombi for taking us through your personal journey as a single mom.

Thanks @⁨Khomotso⁩ for borrowing me the book. By Mbavhalelo

b) Good Day

I really enjoyed reading the book and would like to thank Mantombi for taking us through her journey. The book was an eye opener and provided us with a glimpse of the struggles of single moms’.

I also think that the book is a conversation starter especially within churches and also in our homes. I wish there could be Single moms’ ministries within churches although that would seem as if we encouraging adultery within the church and it’s sad that women are always the ones to blame whenever their marriages don’t work out and often told that they should’ve tried harder as if they didn’t.

I’m sorry that the author had to go through all those terrible things and I would’ve liked to know more about the time when she was in an unequally yoked relationship (had she and her children recovered from that?,what impact had that had on her spiritual maturity?)

The book helped me to understand and to be more compassionate towards single moms’ and challenged me to constantly try to support them however I can and to always affirm/remind them of how remarkable they are and to put them in my prayers.

It also taught me to make decisions and choices from a place of hope and not fear. By Khomotso

c) Good afternoon beauties. 👑👑 I relate so much with my sister. I still fight with this demon.. Mojolo(dating) is my weakness. I loved the book so much, I finished it in 2 days and I will keep it for referrals. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Is not easy to sure vulnerability I salute you this was my highlight.. “Validation is the desire to have someone else’s approval or agreement with what you say, believe, or do. Humans are naturally social creatures. We thrive in a community and, therefore, have a strong desire to belong in that community and seek validation from it.” By Letato

d) Good evening ladies
I give the book 3 ⭐️
I think a good book in terms of length, the story is enticing
What I learnt is to be kind to everyone, especially mothers raising children on their own . Its important to look out for these women in my circles and offer simple practical help ,
I would have loved an extra chapter with deeper reflections and realisations and pattern changes to strive to get to a point of I am enough, spiritually importantance vs church going are some examples.
The author showed great vulnerability and the writing ✍️ was very good , really makes one to drink more coffee or tea in this case. By Ndivho

e) Good evening ladies🌙
Firstly I would like to thank the author of the book Mantombi Makhubele, for such an insightful readings of this book, I relate so so much to almost every chapter of the book. I admire your bravery and courage for sharing your vulnerability to this extent🙌

-I’ve learnt that we ought to be kind wherever we go, people are going through a lot out there.

  • never think that it could never happen to you.
  • marriage is not really an achievement. In a blink of an eye you could lose everything.
    -happiness is within us not from the next person.
    -it’s mostly in the place of vulnerability where we rediscover ourselves, strength and our power.
    -it’s okay not to be okay and allow yourself to heal.
    -never depend on anyone, you can never force a person to take responsibility.
    -as an individual I have to take responsibility, staying down is my choice but I can make even better choices for myself and my kids because they need a spiritual, emotional and physical healthy mom.

I will end here, because now I’m not sure if this is still book reviewing or me venting out🤷‍♀️

All-in-all for me it’s a well written book, sweet, touching and short. I love the relation between the real life of single moms out there.🤞 By Zee

Moreover, with the “A 365 Days Daily Devotional Key”, as I wake up, I unlock my day with the Holy Keys, then step out into my City.

In addition, as we enter May 2022, we “Level Up”. Eventually, “Level Up” is our May book.

Principally, if you would like more information about the Book Club or to join despite your location, comment below. Besides, there is no joining fee.

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He Who Protects Himself From Cold, Also Wards Off Heat

Sometimes some people think it is easy to get everything you want. You work hard in silence and doing all your best. And they don’t even see that you are doing your best and the position which you are at, you do not like it. And moving to another level is within your best interest.

All they see it is what is infront of them. They watch you hustling, and think you gave up in life or worse, you love the position you are at. They cannot see the prayers you do privately in your heart. All smiley and happy all the time. Being grateful to the little you have and having faith that God is still preparing something huge within the Department of your profession.

It can never be easy to just open up the bag of your dirty laundry for everyone to see. For no matter how much you show them that actually the reason for your daily happiness is not because you got everything  you need in your life. However, all because you are grateful for everything and everyone you got surrounding you.

Sometimes even telling folks your business won’t even get you out of the mess or whatever personal stress you have. You being quiet and happy does not mean that you do not have any lack. All you have to know is that, you did not come into this world to serve yourself nor any of your desires. Hence, God brought you forth to serve Him. To bring back His souls to Him the best way you can before He can bless you massively.

To break the ice, it has never been easy. However, I am happy to be in His Palace. Serving Him and waiting on Him. Without Him, even the died body without any flesh, but its soul and spirit in Heaven without our knowledge is way better. Without God, everyone is died-living. Died walking daily to fulfil their worldly chores.

Furthermore, He did not say “seek He first the kingdom of God” blindly. He said it, knowing that the worldly riches depend on heavenly riches. One cannot access the worldly riches without being rich in Heaven.

Resemble that other worldly riches got accessed via selling folks’ souls and spirits. Swearing to serve the devil for the rest of your life because you are unable to be patient at the compound God put you at.

So be real enough to remain faithful to God alone.

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