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Happiness With Guy Friends

To break the ice, I am the lady whom offers best advice to my friends. In spite every obstacle, I pamper them with ideas of how to tackle everything they will be coming across.

Henceforth, it is not so with my guy friends. Actually, they drag me into no longer offering advice, but just laughing my lungs out.

Fortunately, I have this two friends of mine whom always tell me some walks of their lovelife. Which they claim, the relationship they enter into is not serious actually. Sadly, with ladies’ side, it is just to push-time.

First foremost, this bestie has specifically liked me on the first sight with the first sip. In support of this, he told me all details of his life including the sex lifestyle. Fairly, he once embraced me at the Mall in the township as soon as we unboard the vehicle.

Surely, he whispered in my ear, “I told this lady that is my Birthday!” Smiled very hardly. Then, I replied with laughter, “Is it your Birthday for real?” Then responded laughing quitely, “It is actually not my Birthday!” Argumentatively my mind responded, “But why celebrate the day fake day? Why lie actually? Why can’t you just create something legit to celebrate?

Certainly, whilst still at that embraced conversation, someone said, “But that embrace is mine!” Then he removed his hand on me with laughter and I couldn’t stop. Hence, we undoubtedly celebrated it.

Secondly, in this situation, there’s second friend whom visited me like he usually does. Subsequently, on his entrance, he answered a call smilingly. He began talking, “Hello, lady!” Sighed on my face, “I went to one of my soccer Mate’s Funeral.” Then, continued walking straight towards me, “I won’t see you this weekend! Sharp!!

For this reason, I almost bursted out with laughter with his last few words. Hence, I couldn’t do so for the sake of his relationship. Yet, I was happy to see him, but my mind rang with this sentence, “I knew it! This guy doesn’t want to change. Why not tell the truth? Then, if the gates of hell breaks down, break!! So that the children of God can be free and lead righteous lifestyles again!

Although, to speak the truth my heart was purely happy to see him. Eish!! Besides, I love my besties. Even though, I cannot recommend them to my girlfriends nor sisters.

Moreover, this third guy, is not my friend, but he is friendlier one whom was hired to renovate my home. Hence, one morning as we sat down, he answered a call from his lady, “Hello,… I am currently at Roedwan.” The lady became happy that his guy found work. “I am in this township herding the cattle!

Nevertheless, his lady became astound of how his guy whom does not like rural chores could do such a duty. Hence, he continued with laughter, “Why are you amazed? I’m dead serious!!” The lady continued disagreeing with what he just said about herding cattles.

Though, the lady knew that he is lying, he truly believed that he is at Roedwan. As a result, before dropping the call, he said, “Babe, with herding cattles, I’m kidding! But I am at Roedwan! I’ll see you soon.” Whilst hanging the call, my mind was like, “But you are not at Roedwan, lad!” Henceforth, you cannot contradict lovers’ conversations verbally, but can voice it out at the absence of one partner, then close the case.

Exclusively, the guy is the tourist in the world of his lady, as he even told her that he will go to KwaZulu-Natal soon. Actually, you will die of laughter if you hang with guy friends which are purely on the friend zone, but playing a huge role in your life.

Notably, happiness is having a friend whom makes you laugh, but not scared of voicing the truth. Pants down!!

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Is Life A Train, A Bus Or A Boat?

Is Life A Train, A Bus Or A Boat? Whatever the answer is, just get on board.

Principally, I don’t care what you say about me or what you see me as. As I volunteerily practice my way to the top, you are my critic spectator whom I did not even hire. You view my walks to success and able to see only my flaws.

Hence, there is more space for you to join so that you can also be a success. Yet, you don’t occupy your position.

Actually, in every successful being, there are those folks whom hired themselves to become your critical spectator whom ensures they laugh at every single mistake you do.

They see only stupidity while they cannot even do any of the actions you are able to perform.

Fortunately, I am advanced with knowledge of how low critical folks do things. They will be your spectator to discourage you in whatever doing. Although, abundened their chores.

The moment they see that you are giving up, they are cheerful. Hence, whilst forcing yourself to become professional in what you do. They become astound with every achievement level.

Furthermore, as you are successful, they are the ones whom are starting to give evidence that they were there in the process of your success.

What I am trying to say is, take the laughter from uninvited critical spectators as an encouragement. The harder you become in forcing for your success, the more respect you will earn from all of your critical spectators or haters.

Eventually, they will first laugh at you, then watch you and lastly imitate you to become fruitful like yourself.

Above all else, just PUSH!

Press-in Until Something Happens!

Practice Until Something Happens!

Pull-up Until Something Happens!

Pray Until Something Happens!!

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