Short Prayer Is Prayer

At Times you will find yourself in the War. Hence, of which Number of War is it, we can find out for ourselves later.

Forwardly, you will find yourself in the battle and someone fighting against you as though you took or got something valuable from them. Hence, you only got yourself.

Fortunately, you will find yourself conquering in all directions and put on the shield with a straight view against all enemies whom just decided to be against you. Despite, the storm even though whom pretends to be your Besties with sweet words, but killing you than the same enemies.

Fairly, at some point, I’m thinking that they are fighting me for my life. Unfairly, they want to see my flesh 06 feet down under soil with my bones turning into manure for the richness of grass.

However, my spirit tormented for it didn’t rest in Peace. Hence, considered still within the flesh as God did not command it to return back yet.

Kindly, you become grateful for even a Cent and Crumps, but with the gratefulness God turn all originals-Millions and enough Food. Actually, brand new from its rawness like He did with loaves of Bread and Fishes.

Notably, I’m forever ready to win this battle for my Soul and Spirit!

Holishly, they belong to God and as soon as they leave my body, they’ll be heading to its own to rest!!

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