Delightfully Thankful

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank You for choosing us as Your children.
Thank You that for every born-again child of Yours, by Your grace, You are with us by the indwelling Holy Spirit every moment of the day.
Thank You that we also are highly favored.
As You used Mary as a vessel for Your divine plan, use us as a vessel to Your glory.
I commit all my works and plans to You.
Please guide me.
I want to go where Your grace leads.
In Jesus’ name,

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God In All Ways~Sunday To Sunday

Sunday Prayer:

Dear Lord,
thank You for coming into our lives and teaching us what to believe.
While most people walk down the big wide road, I pray that I will choose to walk down the less taken path.
I know it’s a harder path to travel but I believe that it brings ultimate liberation and victory because You have already walked that path before us.
I know the big wide road has no set of sure values, no sense of right and wrong, no need for redemption.
I choose the narrow gate of disciplined, dedicated discipleship, which leads to an abundant life.
Help me to resist the temptation to follow the crowd down a path that ultimately leads to destruction.

In Jesus’ name,


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