Discovery Of Coffee In Africa

There Is Life In Nature,
There’s Beauty In Greenville,
There’s Beauty In Greenland,
Everybody Sees Trees, Grass And Animals,
Hence, I See Wealth,
Keep Looking,
You’ll Realize How Peaceful
With The Glimpse Of The View!
Enter At Your Own Risk,
Then You’ll Be Embraced By Peace!
Quite Peace With Only Sounds Of Birds,
Oxygenated Breeze Welcoming You,
Hence, You’re Welcome In Greenland!!

Legend states that Coffee was discovered in Africa by an Ethiopian Shepherd.

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Rose, The Representative of Love

I Resisted His Looooovvvveee Without My Knowledge At First, Then Hesitated Not

We Became Friends At First Sight Effortlessly Without Pressure,

Viewed More Of Stranger’s Looooovvvveee For His Daughter At A Distance,

Fell In Looooovvvveee With Him Due To His Looooovvvveee For His Daughter,

Completely Complimented Him With Full Contentment!

Hopefully, Updated My View Of Certain Fathers Via Him;

For Through Him I Could View My Ancestral Dad’s Looooovvvveee As His First Child And Daughter!

Unfortunately, Then We Disappeared Without Notification!

Fairly, After A Year Reconnected With Reconciliation;

Happily, This Time I Could Feel And Touch The Looooovvvveee Of My Dear Friend!!

Notably, Super Hot Than Ever!!

I Just Seeked And On Plea To Remain In This Fire Forever❤️🤍💯💋🔛💋💯🤍❤️

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Dating Whilst Disheartened Is A Recipe For Failure

To break the silence, then keep pouring despite what liquid is it, there is something disheartening about hungrily desiring something valuable from wrong person. Hence, you will chase and chase until you are fatigued. Besides being fatigued you will be emotionally damaged.

Although, certain folks out there would take any chance given to be and do whatever you desire with another folk dying for. Hence, they would whole heartedly grasp any opportunity with you, to repair the disparity of emotional violence which was involved in.

Thus, you will love emotionally abusive partner until something sometimes whispers to you to leave. Even though, leaving it is never a heart’s option, you’ll have to pack your luggage and leave your heart behind. For it is unfairly betraying you and going against your agreement.

Exclusively, the agreement between the mind and heart was to focus on love. Hence, if any kind of abuse occurs, Luggage have to be packed despite how much it is, how heavy it is or either long it will take to pack, then leave. Then, carry the Luggage and body of his/her life. Actually, all that matters is to see yourself at the other side of the road, glowing like nobody’s business.

Principally, nobody signed up for any kind of abuse from a person, you once never knew he/she existed. Unfairly, at first glimpse, there is abuse. In fact, emotional abuse is also accountable in unlawful acts against women and children.

Likewise to physical abuse, while insulting one, name-calling one or either swearing at one; it is like holding one by neck, then pushing him/her towards the wall very hard spiritually. Then, forever hanging him/her there if there is nail pin. Yet, physically not doing so.

Besides, acting the fiercely violent words, the more they are thrown in one’s direction, the more one continuously feel beaten with a stick. Hence, the stick is better, but for the worst-“the Hamer”.

Probably, one day the stick might break, then pierce through my flesh. Then, at last the pain will show physically of how the heart is bleeding very hard.

Above all else, except remaining in that emotionally toxic relationship, pack your baggage and leave before you step out of that domain as a corpse baggage.

Notably, instead of staying in the name of love, love yourself and detect when the love which was love at first sight, turned into love at first death.

Subsequently, I don’t know how many times can a folk die. Though, once the breath leaves the flesh, death has entered into certain folks’ home.

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Hello J-U-L-I-E🌍🌊🧕👳🐶

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Happy Three Years Anniversary💯🎶🎵🎶🥂🍾🎂🍰🎁😍✨

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View To Connect And Understand

I am at the entrance of Hospital. Without any entry yet, I just realized so many things are happening daily.
I just realized so many people are going through so many things at the same time.

Whilst children are given birth, somebody is taking out the last breath.

Whilst celebrating, others are tearing apart in sorrows.

Gifts and condolences are offered at the same time. Hence, take every first 30 minutes after waking up to thank the Lord for life.

Exclusively, celebration should continue without any distraction of sorrows. For nobody desires sorrows.

Notably, speak positively over your life, relationship and future.

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Heart In Suggestion Mouth

Within this life, habits are formed daily without notice. Hence, others gets repeated without our knowledge until they become part of ourselves. For it takes only two weeks to master a habit in your life.

Likewise to beating up a bad habit with a good ones. Actually, learn the best habits which will ensure you are a disciplined individual whose happiness is aimed at goals and winning.

Nevertheless, instantly replace toxic habits with the best ones daily.

First, but foremost, instead of watching Netflix Marathons, get in bed and sleep tightly. Actually, cover yourself with blanket, relax your face, enable your tongue to be at a relaxation, then without any waste of time you will be asleep. It takes a minute to sleep with this technique, as the mind is connected to the tongue.

Secondly, instead of having bought fast food as your breakfast, lunch or supper, have homemade cooked meals daily. Actually, buy healthy grocery which maximize to Month. Enable yourself to flexibly cook any healthy kind of meal, then you will see your monthly budget changing. Hence, even you body shape and skin tone.

Moreover, instead of attracting toxic friends, attract top mentors. As people’s person, ensure you don’t not attract toxicity. Hence, attract mentors, people higher than you in terms of success. People whom think outside the box or either on their feet under any circumstance. For birds of the same feathers flock together.

Furthermore, instead of watching TV, exercise. Actually, wear your Sports attire, then jog or do aerobics at Park, home or any location which enables you to be flexible. For flexibility is the key to an Open-mindedness. The more you exercise, the more you are less stressed. The more your health improves, the more your academics or work results improves at the workplace. Hence, even promotions interlude.

Additionally, instead of complaining, practice gratitude with all the people you come across. Enable yourself to appreciate yourself and all the individuals you meet despite the relationship with them. Despite what kind of experience they give you. Despite the spice they volunteerily offer you.

Eventually, become thankful in all situations, for a thankful heart attract peace and blessings. Even, positivity becomes your portion, and you will never be given depression plate. As Vibes attracts each other.

Continuously, instead of blaming someone, be a responsible folk. Let your second name be blameless. Hence, divorce blaming attitude and marry responsibility. Enable yourself to outgrow the habit of blame. For within any blaming occasion, there is no direction. Hence, only the responsible occasion allows folks to grow into mature beings; whom takes responsibility of all they go through for the break-even in breakthrough.

Last, but not least, instead of always overthinking, commit to actions. Rebuke procrastination and ruminating. Rebuke barrenness in all the departments of your life due to overthinking. Hence, overthinking does not only steal your happiness, but also steal your success. Like a devil, it steals you, then murder you. Actually, it kills easily than any lifetime diseases.

Notably, a raisin dropped in a glass of fresh Champagne will float up and down from the bottom of the glass to the top. As a result, be a raisin and float to the top.

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Two Wings And A Sting

Gratitude is everything. So lately I wanted to list everything I am thankful for-within this new season.

🕊️I am thankful that I am still alive and healthy in this Pandemic.

🕊️I am thankful that I still have all my family and friends breathing and kicking.

🕊️I am thankful that I have a business which keeps me moving from one town to another.

🕊️I am thankful that I can network market.

🕊️I am thankful that I have a healthy lifestyle(exercising daily, drinking more water, reading an article per day and eating 5 fruits & vegetables daily).

🕊️I am thankful that I have an open mind which enables me to be multipotentialite.

🕊️I am thankful that I can voice myself on the paper/screen.

🕊️I am thankful that I am humble despite non-monotonic walks of life.

🕊️I am thankful that I am on the wait.

🕊️I am thankful that I am independent, but only dependent on God, the Pillar of my strength.

🕊️I am thankful that I can still pray even whilst not feeling like praying.

🕊️I am thankful for being able to be thankful.

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Each Souvenir Has A Story

Doom is agreeing to what you disagree. Ushering boom into your household with knowledge of being doomed, but accepting the defeat anyway. As evidence, divorce is not in my vocabulary. It never was. Actually, my mind just got transformed into applications of what my beliefs lies.

Lately, applications of the olden days of fixing whatever broken get filled. Like a dog which never understands the death of the owner outdoor. Keeping on waiting for its lover care-taker at the window. Watching out to run to the door. Then keeps on chasing the car sounds, hooting or peeps outside without fatigue.

Likewise, I keep following my head, because with neck only I will forever remain on first point without indication for direction. For direction become one with arrow head pointed. In fact, with a broken cup, I go out to research tactics on how I can trick the cup into being beauty via its scars. Eventually, at the end with the same scars will be able to hold from hot to cold water without leaking.

Unconditional gratitude as aging applies as well. For no matter how many times the cup breaks as long as there is faith, the scars will form various art which at the end, the value of the cup rises. Even the same texture or clay no longer gets used, but conserved via only one product.

So I encourage everyone in any kind of relation, including family relations, grudge or end connections with loved ones due to one or a couple of trespassings is not worth it. Take a break from relation, come back calm, energized and ready for reunion for generations will never follow without your union.

In fact, if one becomes stubborn, become a foolish puppy which never understands boundaries. Hence, consistently persues until God reveals that the relation is not worth it or you will never reach your perfect future unless you let them go despite the shared breast milk or the rough seasons you have been together in the wilderness, and conquered everything.

Undoubtedly, listen to understand, then apply.

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Quality Over Quantity

Psalm 92: 1

The spirit of thankfulness is valuable in every individual. For the person without thanksgiving, is like the died plant being watered without any success of rebirth nor fruits. 

Moreover, the moment you are appreciative, it is the moment whereby all doors of blessings, important-kind people arrive in your life. For all sins gets wiped off by God, and even people you owe refuse to receive what you owe them. And gives them to you happily and respectfully with thanksgiving. Actually, not because the debt has expired, but God repaid it.

Henceforth, never under-estimate the power of thankfulness. For it is important to spread love, kindness and thanksgiving. For “together we learn to love to learn”. In fact, if birds, oceans and all nature gives thanks in worship, praises in various ways. What can stop us? Actually, nothing can stop us as long as we need  and desire to be intimate enough with Him. As long as you bond with Christ, all His steps are easier to follow and obey without ceasing.   

Eventually, thankfulness will be your habit in all circumstances. Worst or very happy, thankfulness will be your portion. And above all else, thankfulness will be followed by all the richness of the world and beyond in Heaven.


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