Why Are You Impatient With Me,

Why Are You Busy To Me,

You Pretend As If Everything Is Okay,

Breaking My Heart Slowly,

Always Thinking That You Have A Problem,

While You Know It’s Me,

You Never Appriaciate My Love,

Everything I Say,

You Take It Easy,

Thinking That I Am Soft In Tongue And Heart,

And Everything You Trespass,

Trespass I Will Forgive You

In The Name Of Love,

You Take Me For Nothing-

But A Wife To You,

A Wife You Never Wedded,

Keeping On Playing Immature,

In The Name Of Manhood,

Why Are You Postponing Our Moments,

I Am Sorry To Play Stupid,

As You See Me Laughing IN your Mind,

I Promise To Forgive You,

And Never Return You In My Heart!

And Never Ask You Why Again!!

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When Life Is Like A Spoon, Be A Soup, Not A Fork

You know when one is doing  you wrong, but God always showing up instantly for you. Yet, folks don’t understand! You smiling as if nothing happened with them. Ensuring no problem is seen or the incident is viewed as no problem saddens them. Whilst you cover every trespass like nothing happened.

In fact, folks never understands the pain until you shed tears infront of them which my God will never allow. Nevertheless, even the same pouring does not show professionality in certain domains. Though, certain domains does not allow pourings for you will wet cloths and papers which are unfixable. Likewise, make-up turn into horror make-up for Halloween.

You get to grow in humility. Actually, you begin to allow God to show you all God’s Compass. Besides, none of the judgement nor yourself’s judgement can change you. People’s approval including oneself’s approval can never change you. Subsequently, it is all about God’s approval only.

Principally about, “Well done my good and faithful servant!” at the end. As God said.

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Dear Lord

Forgive me for all the things I have ever done. Forgive me for remembering the evil things the other people have said or done to me. Especially, forgiveness for those who trespassed against us, even myself against myself. Help me to become the stronger person I was in your name. You have been Mighty in me and still are. Continuously work in me. Continuously reign in me. I am beautiful because you are. I am who I am because You are in me as God is in You. Keep reigning in me because I am all Yours.
Protect my mom for my sake. Ensure she remains strong as she was and still is because of you. Protect even my brother, sister, Grandmom and uncle.
Give me wisdom to understand and do what is right, Lord. I commit all of my walks of life to you so that I may succeed. I follow You with all my heart, Lord! Thank you, Amen!!

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Not For All The Tea In China

Have you ever got involved with untakable, unshakable or unstealable folk? The folk is always there! Whether you go for days not communicating or get involved in long distance relation, you find him/her still more interested in you than before. If you meet such a folk, never allow temptations to double cross you.

For once double-crossed, it can never be easy to gain his/her trust again. Even the feeling of his/her touch shall be imagined, and it will never be easy nor the same again.

For even the intimacy can go from hot to low, then before you know it, then turn hot again for the thirst for each other is never ending. The love where the truth is only shared. Never scared to pour our feelings to each other. Crying, sulking or furious. No matter how good or bad the truth may be. No matter how scary the details are, the truth gets communicated before it gets wiped off.

I know the feeling of coldness, even the freezer can never freeze the connection which is running. Eventually, the 0 degrees Celcius weather can freeze the body and squeeze life of it, but connection keeps revolving. Eventually, our eyes and ears turn red due to unsolvable issues, but when the sun sets, we still want each other in each other’s arms.

We argue a lot, but once one tear falls from one’s eye we take the tissue, then wipe in order to come up with solutions. We talk about how painful it becomes to trespass each other, then work on solving every problem piece-by-piece without leaving any stone unturned. Spending all day long arguing in order to solve problems which one of us began, even though we have journeys to travel. Hence, at the end, all the journeys will be traveled with solutions brought forth.

Ever imagined such stressless, but fruitful connections?

Well, I never imagined it even myself!!!

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