You Can And You Will

Reached The Level Of Caring Less,
Focused Of Pleasing My God And Self,
Outdoing Myself To Ensure I Reach My Best Level,
Cheering On Self Is The Priority God Given,
He Said That There Is Power In Tongue,
So, Nobody Will Offer You Their Tongue,
Nobody Will Cheer On You Like Yourself,
Nobody Can Swallow Your Saliva Nor Edibles For You,
Nobody Can Bestly Do You For You!!
So, Ignore The Noise,
Focus On Your Goals,
Practice The Future You,
Then, Clap Hands For Yourself Within Success With Crowd At Hand!
Nobody Cares About Your Goals Nor Do They See The Destiny God Showed You Yet!!
Hence, Only You!
Walk Tall Despite Everything!
For The Rest Of Your Life You Have To Act The Best Version Of Yourself!
Be Proud Of Yourself
And Take A Bow!!

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Sometimes I Cry

Sometimes I Cry,

I Cry To The State,

Where One Can See Me,

Where I Push Beloved Away,

Where I Regret Miles Away,

I Cry To The State,

Where I No Longer See,

I Am Not Able To See,

What Is Going On In My Life;

I Cry To Where,

To Where I Talk To Myself,

To Myself To Hold On In Life;

TO the State Where,

I Encourage Myself,

To Stand Up,

To No Longer Cry

When Problems Approach;

To Wipe Away Tears,

And Walk Tall,

Show Smile Everywhere I Go;

Sometimes It Helps To Cry,

To Cry To Oneself,

To Take Away All Burdens,

Forgiveness Is An Option,

After Tears,

Forgetting Is Always An Option!

Sometimes I Cry,

Reminding Myself About Obstacles To Come;

It Is Never Too Late,

To Be Oneself,

Sometimes I Cry!

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